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Amsterdam is sick of ‘party tourists’

“Amsterdam is sick of ‘party tourists’. It should take drastic measures to stop them. The city has had enough of stag parties and red-light gawpers. But it will take more than an online quiz to curb over-tourism” schrijft Renate van der Zee op 15 mei in The Guardian.
Zij vergelijkt de situaties en beoogde maatregelen in Amsterdam en Venetië en concludeert: “when faced with a dramatic problem, dramatic measures are needed … This means deciding what a sustainable level of tourism really is – one that allows both visitors and local people to enjoy a city. To reach this, governments could significantly limit the flights and cruise ships that come to a city and the area around it. To curb overtourism in Amsterdam, downsizing Schiphol airport would be a great move – as it would simultaneously benefit the environment.”